The Woolf Quarterly Team:

JJ Marsh mugshot
Co-Editor & Creative Director

Jill is a founder member of Triskele Books and co-founder of The Woolf Quarterly, regular columnist for Words with JAM and Displaced Nation, reviewer for Bookmuse and author of The Beatrice Stubbs series (featured in The Guardian Readers’ Recommend and The Bookseller’s Editor’s Choice).

Originally from Wales, she now lives in Switzerland with her husband and dogs.

Co-Editor & Creative Director

Co-founder of The Woolf Quarterly and WriteCon, Libby is a novelist and award-winning short story writer who has written, produced and reviewed narrative media (radio, film, TV, gaming, digital and print publishing) for 20+ years.

She’s co-founder of The Powerhouse Network for Professional Women in Zürich, and is a productivity and content coach and consultant. She is the owner-operator of RG Productions.

A native Australian, Libby now lives in Switzerland.


Goings-On, Contributor

Liam is the author of Paralian, a memoir. Of German-French-Italian descent, Liam has lived a nomadic life, having lived in Germany, the USA, the Maldives, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. He now lives with his wife in Zürich.


Lindsey Grant is an American writer and editor who has been living in Switzerland since 2013.

She co-authored the writer’s workbook Ready, Set, Novel!, and she went on to publish her memoir Sleeps with Dogs in 2014. She is the former Program Director for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

In addition to her regular contributions to The Woolf, she blogs (ir)regularly and is currently chronicling her family’s history with the BRCA2 cancer gene.

Proofing, Contributor

D.B. is an American writer who has been living in Europe since 1995.

As well as being a regular contributor to The Woolf, her essays, short stories and offbeat profiles have appeared in The Weeklings and Split Lip Magazine.

She also writes for hire but, as the expression goes, that’s another story.

WebWoolf, Contributor

A Swiss native, Susan is a multilingual communications professional, business executive, word & tech nerd.

She was part of the original launch and editorial team behind Swiss movie magazine close-up! and has written, ghostwritten and edited for several publications and in-house magazines in English, German, French and Italian.

Susan is a co-founder of Swisspaleo, a board member of The Powerhouse Network for Professional Women in Zürich and blogs yonder at Swissbizchick and SwissSmallBizBootcamp.

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