Libby O’Loghlin

Co-founder of The Woolf Quarterly and WriteCon, Libby is a novelist and award-winning short story writer who has written, produced and reviewed narrative media (radio, film, TV, gaming, digital and print publishing) for 20+ years.

She’s co-founder of The Powerhouse Network for Professional Women in Zürich, and is a productivity and content coach and consultant. She is the owner-operator of RG Productions.

A native Australian, Libby now lives in Switzerland.


Author: Susan Platt

Swissbizchick, multilingual communications professional and business executive. Part of the original launch and editorial team behind Swiss movie magazine close-up! Has written, ghostwritten and edited for several publications and in-house magazines in English, German, French and Italian. Co-founder of Swisspaleo, a board member of The Powerhouse Network for Professional Women in Zürich and blogs yonder at and SwissSmallBizBootcamp.

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